Healthy Life – The Walk Went…. Walk..!

ImageResearchers and Experts Says:  “Go for a Walk” tends to disappear from everyday life. The inhabitants of the industrialized world they walk less and less abandoning the simplest physical activity with serious consequences for health. Walking has been replaced in most cases for hours in front of the TV or computer. This problem is highlighted in research carried out in many countries of the world one of the most reputed universities in athletic training, The American University, the results of which were published by the newspaper «Daily Telegraph.” As shown, 52% of the world population walks much lesser than ten years ago, the Portuguese, followed by the Mediterranean Spaniards and Italians. Several causes among the reasons put forward in the research respondents affirmatively to the question

“Now walk less than they ten years ago?”Is the lack of time, fatigue, resistance of other family members or friends to accompany them to walk? The lack of partners is an important reason: as the researchers concluded, many would walk more if they had company. Some, again, say they do not know where to walk. “Despite the fact that walking everywhere is described as an ideal form of physical exercise, we note with concern that in many countries people have discarded this basic activity that does not cost and protects health, “said experts and lead researcher.

“Beyond the health benefits, walking is an activity that allows families to spend time together in the open space, “Unfortunately, many parents today prefer to sit in front of the TV, leaving their children in front of the play station, they say, Spectacle with the parents and children these days came to US to play in the snow is just the exception that proves the rule. Yet the rapid, increase in obesity rates in almost all countries of the western world are  not only attributed to poor diet (burgers, etc.) and to reduced physical activity. It reached a phrase: go for a walk.


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