Tody Story: Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program – The Results of the Diet for Fat Loss

Kyle Leon customized fat loss Program – Depending on how much will reduce the intake of calories; you can get rid of several pounds in the first week of the diet.

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On the other hand, it should not be amazed, because at this stage the only thing you lose is water. This is because “the body uses glycogen reserves available to compensate for the lack of calories – and glycogen is rich in water, says a Nutritionist of US’s fatness Resources Centre.

Expect that you will lose half a kilo. If it is more or less stick to your diet for a few more days – your body may need more time to adapt to the new caloric conditions. From this week may begin to appear thinner your face, being the first of which begins shedding fat.

Becomes visible results of your diet, if you lose less than a pound this week, maybe you should reduce your calories even while you’re exercising or more.

If you continue to lose more than one pound a week, you are very strict diet and long term will fail. This is because “you lose muscle mass and water instead of fat” Your goal should be losing 0.5 to 1 pound a week at most, until you reach the desired weight. Remember, hips and thighs are the last parts of the body from which eliminated surplus fat.



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