Important Signs You May have Yeast Infection – Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More Review

Yeast infections are more common than you might think and affect both sexes, although it is more prevalent in women. Caused by fungi in our body, when allowed to overgrow, causing symptoms in yeast infections. More than 50% of patients will have more than one infection, with a good proportion of those who have multiple infections. But, repeated infections can cause serious health problems if not attended to properly.

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Now, under normal circumstances, Yeast infections cans fungus is kept under control by friendly bacteria in our body, so they do not grow and spread. But sometimes, the good bacteria we can become compromised, thus allowing overgrows leading to full-blown infection. Apart from beneficial bacteria decreases, the other key causes of these infections are; Decreased immune system, hormonal disorders, drug treatments, and high blood sugar levels.

So what are the signs that you may have infection yeast?

(A) Typical symptoms of vaginal infection are: –

1. Thick white discharge.

2. Itching.

3. Inflammation and swelling of the vulva, etc.

4. Pain during urination.

5. Difficulty / pain during intercourse

(B) Oral yeast infection symptoms are: –

1. Raised whitish spots on tongue and mucous membranes.

2. Thick white coating on the tongue which, when scraped reveals bleeding down.

3. Difficulty in swallowing.


4. Slight burning sensation in the mouth and throat.

5. Flat red spots on the lips.

(C) Penis points are: –

1. Blister-like marks on the glens.

2. Dry / peeling skin.

3. Intense itching.

4. Painful urination.

5. Painful / impossible intercourse.

(D) Other possible symptoms are: –

1. Skin rashes.

2. Painful / inflammation of the joints.

3. Cough.

4. Shortness of breath.

5. Abdominal bloating.

6. Food allergies / intolerance.

7. Mood swings / depression

8. Fatigue.

9. Headaches / migraines.

10. Loss of balance.

There are many more, but these will give you a general idea of ​​what kind of symptoms to look for. If you do not have Yeast infection before, then you should consult your doctor for proper diagnosis, because many of these can be symptoms of other diseases.

Most folks use over-the-counter or prescription medications for their infection. But they may have some negative side effects for many sufferers. And tend to focus on symptoms and not the root causes that you saw above. This is one of the reasons why many people suffer recurrent yeast infections that can cause harm to their health.


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